Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday Prayer for 3/3/15: Fiercly

Inspired by Psalm 19

Dear God:

I remember the first time I saw the Grand Canyon.
It was a full moon on Halloween.  We came through the forest and, suddenly, there it was; all dressed in grandeur and awe; darkness lit by silver.  I did not believe it.  It was far too big.  It was far too wide. With the thumb and index finger of my right hand I pinched the skin on my left.

I remember another time when Ron talked about the stars.
Several of were laying on the desert floor and he talked about immensity and time and distances.  My two hands held on to the earth as I leaned out into the universe and looked around.  It kept me up that night.  It was so big and we were so small and, still, it didn't make that moment any less important.

I remember holding my son.
It was awhile after he was born and the fact that I'd had something to do with this life in my arms really started to sink in.  This was life right there in my arms and it was delicate and strong.  I studied his eyes and he studied mine.  They were wide open and infinite.  It didn’t matter that there were billions of these; this one precious child.

And there was that day I felt as though I was in the womb of God.
That day I felt You seeing the beauty and awe in me.
That day I felt You seeing me in the vastness of the universe but still important.
That day You, as Life itself, reminded me I was life itself.