Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday Post for 1/26/16: 115200

Dear God:

Most mornings, I’m the first person awake in my house. I
get the coffee going, look at the news a bit and, at some point I
just sit and stare out the window. The only traffic I
see on Rainier Avenue is the traffic that has to be there. I
see the busses go by; a police car with lights flashing but siren off. I
might see a taxi. I
love these moments before my beloved and my son are awake. I
need these moments. They have become so important to me that I

will put up being a little tired during the day. On the best 
(and the worst)
of these days

You and I talk. I don’t even believe in
You in this way; I don’t believe that 
You are exclusively a being (as much as being) or that 
You need me to say these things to hear me. I don’t believe that
You are somehow held back from action until I pray. I don’t believe that
You are just waiting to hear my list before
You heal, help or love.
You are healing.
You are help.
You are Love. Listening to
You means witnessing
Your constant unfolding 

and stirring 

A heart beats 115,200 times every day.

I hear a rustling as my heart beats with 
the call of a day filled with 
115,200 choices.