Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Prayer for 3-10-15: How can I say thanks?

Inspired by Psalm 107

Dear God:

Someone once told me that its almost impossible to begin to understand the Psalms until after you have turned 34.  The idea was that you had to have been desperate enough
and hurt enough
and have had screwed up enough
to understand that the Psalms were more than dramatic hyperbole;
that people could feel so low that being lifted up


I am coming up on 47
(and I remember thinking 40 was the age people stopped being happy and fun)
and one of the parts the Psalms teach that I still struggle to live with is gratitude.  

I have had grace wrap around me like a blanket.
I have love in my life almost everyday.

I rarely attribute these things to God in a real way. I prayed for them, even.
The Psalmist sings - sings - about what God has done. I do not but,


I want to.