Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Prayer for 4/14/15: (Ghost)

Dear God:

It is easy to see Jesus in those people who are most like me because
I can see their flaws, clearly, and the intentions behind their hopes.
They are mine so
I know the intentions may be good (and
I know there is another side to every good intention.
I know there are hidden motivations that move faster than I can turn my head towards them).

Sometimes, I can see Jesus in those who are different from me and
sometimes that vision becomes
clouded and
I look for Jesus in them (until the point
that I see my own image reflected in their eyes
and then begin to serve that Jesus
made in my own image).

(Then, there are those I am afraid of.

They walk in to the room and,
they may say, “Peace,” and
they may say, “Why are you frightened?” and
they may say, “Look at me” and

I am too frightened to see this Jesus
even as they eat with me and say
words of assurance.

I am afraid of this Jesus so, all too often,
I back away,

Like I’m seeing a ghost.)