Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The View From Here (Tuesday Prayer for 8/7/2012)

Dear God:

There are many good things.
Many, many good things.
There is fullness in these things and
I take it all in.
It is a feast.
I take it all in.
I become full.
These things are beautiful and
They are good;
Of all these good things;
I am full.

There are, of course, other things that
Try and elbow their way in.
They push these good things to the side and
Insist to

There are these good things and these other things and
They interact and
They push and
They shove and then
They all insist.
All these things.
They insist.

Take these things;
These good things and these other things.
Take them.
Build a mountain with these good things and these others things.

I will climb that mountain
I will stand on top
I will spread open my arms
I will close my eyes
I will feel the wind
I will hear the roar of quiet
I will take a deep breath and
I will leap