Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Tuesday prayer on another day...

Dear God:

Thank you for the gift of snark and the snarky: 
this gift of prophets and messiahs and disciples and kings; 
this gift of activists and satirists and teenagers and non-conformists; 
this gift of artists and musicians and comedians and even the occasional preacher.
Thank you.
For all those days I needed to laugh conspiratorially,
Thank you.
For all those days truth needed to be cut loose, 
Thank you.
For all those days I felt bound by those damning hints of threats that would suggest lies or disloyalty,
Thank you.
For all those days I stood in the way of this truth or that truth and needed to be shoved aside,
Thank you even for that.

(Although not as much.  
Just kidding.  


Let the Saints of Snark revel; 
those Aesops and Ovids;
those Chaucers and Swifts;
those Oscar Wildes and Miguel de Cervanteses;
those Mark Twains and Wil Rodgers;
those Dorothy Parkers and Dr. Suesses;
those Kurt Vonneguts and Lenny Bruces;
those (add your Saints of Snark here) and here.
Those unknown saints around the camp fires and those long walks that were present during those Holy Awful Days that helped them make it to Better Miraculous Days;
those who snickered at Centurions;
parodied Pilate;
and spoke with biting, cruel and honest, anger about those things it was right to be angry about.

For snark; Thank you.
(And for those who don’t get it, well, bless their hearts).