Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday Prayer for 10/11/16: "Dear God..."

Inspired by Luke 18:1-8

Dear God:


Sometimes when I write a prayer, the
“Dear God:”
Emerges as a preparation for the prayer.
It sets the space for all that comes next
this common space you save between us
where we meet.
It may be full of struggle but it is also full of love.

Other times - this time - it is more of a
“Dear God…”

I struggle to find words.
The bottom falls out of the prayer.
Instead of setting a space
I fall
Into what feels like a chasm between You
And this world.
Dear God.

(My son, he hums now. He will be sitting on the floor and songs and hymns he knows vibrate his lips as he builds impossibly complicated train-trackscapes built of wooden tracks and foam blocks. He hums and it makes me smile.

As I fall, I hear a far off hymn…

“Faith and hope in love's compassion will survive though knowledge cease,
though the tongues of joy fall silent, dull the words of prophecies.

Faith shall see and trust its object; hope shall set its anchor sure;
love shall bloom in Love eternal. Faith and hope and love endure.”

And then I realize it is my lips, humming.)