Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday Prayer for 8/25/15: Burning

Dear God of the not Burning Bush,
Of Sacrificial Flame,
Of Pentecost Fire,
We are living in the midst of burning and of smoke.

The land thirsts for water and everything has become kindling.
The storms bring a fire setting spark
As well as a wind that both stokes the flames
And sends embers into the air

like seeds.

The flame burns that which is of the just and the unjust, alike.
The smoke fills the lungs of the just and the unjust, alike.
The ash covers the just and the unjust, alike.
The reddened sun beats down on the just and the unjust, alike.

It does not break us but
It wears us down.

Yes, this fire destroys and makes way for creation.
The destruction part is very hard.

It bares down and screams and roars and charges right at us
In a rage. There is no gentleness to it.
This is not river but a flood;
This is not a breeze but a tornado;
This is not a tide but a tsunami and
We are in its way.

Our will and the weather have conspired.
It burns what we have built.
We have prepared the fuel for the fire
With the hope it would never burn.
We mourn this big burning and what it does
While we burn millions of small fires
And, sometimes, deny their effect.

Right now, there is this burning...

May we find a way to be
God's blessing for those
who have lost so much.

God bless the firefighters
Who risk their lives
Protecting what we have gathered.