Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday Prayer for 9/2/14: No Wonder

Inspired by Exodus 3:1-15

Dear God;

So, let me get this right...

The bush was burning but not burning.

You called to Moses to come towards the bush but to stay right where he was.

Once Moses found out who was calling, he didn't want to look.

This is the problem with these stories.

This is the problem:

We see bush and tree and prairie grass burning - actually burning - as the planet we're trying to kill dries up and catches fire.  The air smells like smoke.  We barely pay attention.

We hear gods, all these little gods, calling from our headsets, TV sets and billboards and we twist and turn and shift and pivot.  We run towards them.  We stay, no where.

And, looking at you?  We know everything. We are not impressed by "mystery."  Google it.  We will stare you in the eye until



(or fade


These stories...

Pay attention?


Hold on to a mystery?

This is what leads to liberation?

Pay attention?


Hold on to a mystery?

Tell the truth?

Talk about consequences?

Trust some sort of lurching, holy process?

Wander your way home?

No wonder, God.

No wonder.