Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday Prayer for 11/26/13: Beat

(Inspired by Isaiah 2:1-5)

We have beat the ploughshares into 
swords and
coal-carrying trains and
missile-firing drones and
pollution-belching smoke stacks and

We have beat our pruning hooks into
spears and
life-disrupting mobile this or thats and
earth-ravishing chemicals and
ever-meaningless coins and

We have beat our people into
defeated-depression and
soul-crushing submission and
life-devaluing objects and
prescription-enhanced servants and

the earth itself feels the weight of every step and
the sky itself has become weighted and
hope feels more and more like an advertising slogan and less like something that is


It is, though, 

"something that is real.”


Because there is a difference between being "beat" and "beaten" and
THIS is the difference 
that makes every oligarch shudder and
every abuser worry and
and every oppressor wake
in the middle of the night
in a 



There are arms out there strong enough to beat those swords into ploughshares.
There are feet out there strong enough to stomp those spears into pruning hooks.
There are backs strong enough to break chains and
Those people who have been beat?

They have not been beaten 

and they can beat


(beat beat

beat beat

beat beat

beat beat…)
(From http://www.rootforce.org/2008/06/19/peru-turmoil-slams-copper-supplies/)