Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday Prayer for 12/20/11

Dear God;

These days are dark.
The morning comes late and the night comes early.  The rain gives hints and clouds have settled in like the achy chill in my bones. 
Everything seems muted.  Voices and music all play through cotton. 
I don’t feel quite awake but can’t seem to sleep enough, either.
My arms, my legs, my thoughts feel heavier.  My cheeks even feel weighted down.  There is a dull, weightiness.

There is a dull, weightiness with sharp edges;
A droning on like lazy, stinging bees
A hissing like drunken, angry snakes
A shouting voice that becomes calmed into a disparate chant (ENVIRONMENTENVIRONmentenvironmentenvironment…)
I find myself laughing, but sarcastically.  I find myself complaining about things that don’t matter.  I find myself offended too easily.  I find myself losing myself.
Lord, have mercy
Christ, have mercy
Lord, have mercy

Emmanuel, please…  Please, oh, please...  Help me find myself.  Help us find us, again.
Help us.
Find us.

Splash that mountain cold Jordan water in our face to help us wake up and shake it off and let out that kind of head-shaking mountain cold Jordan water shout.  Then, may we stretch and stomp and feel that

May there be songs that have hope flowing out of them and that turn even that dried out pile of dreams in to seeds, again.
Help us to laugh and light candles for light and warmth and may we shine and shine and shine and shine and shine and shine and…

And, when that sun comes, again may we
whoop and
that the darkness did not overcome it and may we
whoop and
at the changing of the seasons and
may we plant and
may we grow and
may we love and
may we know, deep in our bones (with the same sort of heat of the sun that heals the chill),
That, everything – EV UH REE THING - is gonna be alright.
That we can help MAKE everything alright.
That, everything is gonna be alright.
Every thing.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow,
Praise Christ the word in flesh born low,
Praise Holy Spirit evermore;
One God, Triune, whom we adore…